REMEDY Bodywork

Structural Integration, Reiki, and Therapeutic Massage


Thank you for visiting the web’s home for REMEDY Bodywork. We’re very enthusiastic about the opportunity to bring Structural Integration bodywork and our other uniquely effective, targeted therapies to Camden, SC.

Clients report leaving a session at REMEDY with a new ease, length, and sense of wholeness in their bodies. Rather than dissipating in the days following the session, the benefits seem to integrate and deepen, becoming part of their ongoing experience of inhabiting their bodies. Limbs hang more freely, joints move more fluidly, movement happens more effortlessly.

Please call 415-652-7264 to schedule an appointment or for additional information, and visit our site regularly for updated content and news. Thank you for your interest in REMEDY Bodywork!



Jennifer has had a life-long fascination with the human body and what it takes to have it function optimally. This has led her to study nutrition, dance, yoga, fitness, subtle energy modalities like Reiki and Healing Touch, and ultimately led her to become a Massage and Bodywork Practitioner with a focus on Structural Integration. She has been practicing bodywork as a profession since 2004.

Structural Integration, Massage, and Reiki sessions are currently available for booking. Please call 415-652-7264 for scheduling and for additional information, or email We look forward to helping you feel better in your body.